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All discounts in LOL will be applicable as and when declared and confirmed upon each purchase. The discounts offer will materialize once the payment has already been made whether online or offline as only then the public offer of discount will deemed to have been accepted. Buyers need to confirm the discount applicability in the real time while making purchase order with this cakes booking and delivery web site.


Discount meaning: Rebate or discounts are intended to offer goods or services at a lower price rates than usual for the purpose of sales promotion. There are usually higher values of such rebate offers as the purchase volume goes high. There is trend all over the world to offer discounts during festive seasons. The highest value of such price cuts is known to be offered during Black Friday which falls in the month of November each year. However, several ecommerce companies call discount days as Black Fridays throughout the year which is a part of sales gimmicks.
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