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Q1. Is Luckonluck portal for adult cakes only?

Ans. Luckonluck web portal is primarily for adult cakes but may also contain all types of cakes. This is however a one stop location for adult bachelor and bachelorette cakes.

Q2.Q Are there other products apart from cakes on this site?

Ans. There are flowers, bouquet, teddy and other party accessories available on this site.

Q3. What is the quality of cakes on Luckonluck?

Ans. The quality of cakes or the material used and the process is excellent and this is the best that is possible that we deliver that is why we are known as best in the market. We are also best form health viewpoint of the eatables.

Q4. What other products can we also find apart from party items on Luckonluck?

Ans. One can also find adult accessories like toys and other sophisticated stuff for the elite on luckonluck according to the modern fashion.

Q5. What is privacy of the delivery service?

Ans. Delivery is only to the relevant address and the delivery person has nothing to do but deliver the stuff and nothing else.

Q6. How soon can I order deliver of stuff on luckonluck site?

Ans. One can book at any time and we will get it delivered at the shortest time or the time asked for. Apart from other stuff, adult cakes need to be prepared and take time hence it is advisable to book them at least 1 day prior intended delivery so that they can be prepared and delivered even if not in stock.

Q7. Can I give my own design for cakes to Luckonluck?

Ans. Yes. As luckonluck is only premium cakes site Luckonluck will try to prepare cake of specified design for all our elite customers on prior booking. The decision on the design if it can be used by us will be intimated to you the soonest possible.